Why Am I Running?

Three words describe me; Reasonable, Reliable and Ready. I am reasonable because I exercise sound judgment. I am reliable because I am trustworthy, dedicated, and dependable. I am ready because my work experience as an attorney and as a community leader across Durham County has prepared me to be your next District Court Judge for District 14.

With these three words in mind, I promise to follow the law without prejudice or partiality as your next District Court Judge. The average citizen who will encounter our criminal justice system will do so at the district court level. It is imperative that district court judges demonstrate sound judgment, integrity and an even-handed judicial temperament. In my present position as an Assistant District Attorney, I have committed myself to the values of fairness and justice in my daily evaluation of district court cases and felony filings. Recognizing that my decisions affect the core of citizens’ lives, my main objective will remain be to display consistency in my application of the law and to treat all parties who appear before the court, including defendants and victims, with dignity and respect.

I am running for the position of District Court Judge because I care about the issues that affect everyday citizens at the district court level. I have worked on issues pertaining to domestic violence, homelessness, drugs and alcohol addiction. I also care about juvenile crime prevention.  I volunteer on these issues both in my official capacity as a prosecutor and also as a private citizen. It is important to me that our elected judges work on these issues in our community to gain better knowledge and understanding before citizens who are affected by these issues enter our court system. I support having a mental health court in Durham County. Having a mental health treatment court would be a critical diversion tool to solve reoccurring challenges in Durham’s judicial system relating to mental illness. I have participated in discussions with various community representatives in Durham County about obtaining a mental health court, and I will work tirelessly to obtain a mental health court for the citizenry of Durham County.

My favorite quote is: “Service is the rent that we pay to live on this earth.” It has been an honor to serve Durham County for the past fourteen years as a public servant. I will continue my commitment to public service if elected as your next District Court Judge.