Shamieka was raised by her grandmother in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. While attending high school, she worked for minimum wage at a local grocery store to support her grandmother and herself. After high school, Shamieka graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Durham has been her home since 1998 when she enrolled in North Carolina Central University’s School of Law. Shamieka graduated from law school in 2001.

In 2002, Shamieka began her journey as an attorney.  She worked at the law office of Willie R. Perry. While working for this law firm, she handled traffic and general misdemeanor cases. In 2003, Shamieka became an associate attorney with Brown, Flebotte, Wilson, Horn & Webb, PLLC where she provided advice in various legal areas.  In 2005, Shamieka left this firm to obtain additional trial experience.

Since 2005, Shamieka has served as an Assistant District Attorney at the Durham County District Attorney’s office. As an Assistant District Attorney, Shamieka has prosecuted and tried various felonies and misdemeanors. She has served as the domestic violence felony prosecutor and supervised the property and fraud team. Shamieka has served as the supervisor of Durham’s district court since 2012. In this position, she manages all the operations in district court, supervises other Assistant District Attorneys and negotiates criminal cases in all district courts except traffic court.

Shamieka has been supportive and active in many of the programs that Durham County operates: Teen Court, Drug Treatment Court and the misdemeanor diversion program.  For many years, Shamieka has volunteered in the Durham community outside her position as a prosecutor.  She has served as the co-president of People’s Alliance. She serves on the boards of the Durham and Orange County Junior League, Citizens Advisory Committee and the Durham Grievance Committee. Shamieka participated in the You Can Vote initiative to educate Durham citizens about election law changes. She has served as a mentor for young girls with Partners for Youth, and is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.